Creative Ways to Squeeze in a Workout

BikePost Submitted by: Stacey Brouk, MS, RD, LD

If you’re busy juggling work, school, kids, a social life and more, you are not alone! With so much going on, how are you supposed to find the time to get your exercise in every day? It would be so nice to somehow build in an extra hour every day to make it happen! But, since that’s not an option, let’s talk about some realistic, creative ways to get your workout in, while still keeping up with everything else in your life.

  • Instead of going to happy hour or dinner with friends, why not take a fitness class together or go to the gym with friends? You can still have social hour, but instead of consuming lots of calories, you can burn them.
  • While your kids are at their Boy Scout meeting, soccer practice or gymnastics, bring workout clothes and walk around the building, the track or even up and down the stairs. You can get a good workout in while waiting for your kids activities to be over and it is a lot more productive than sitting and playing games on your phone.
  • Do you live somewhat close to your work? Consider biking or walking there instead of driving. Save yourself money in gas and get your workout in twice a day.
  • Keep a pair of shoes, some socks and headphones at work. Take your lunch break to go for a walk. This is great for those of you that feel like you literally have zero spare time. Perhaps you can even walk for your entire lunch break and eat at your desk as you work.
  • If you can’t figure out how to leave your kids to work out, bring them with you. If they are small enough, invest in a jogging stroller, a bike seat attachment or a baby carrier to add extra weight to your workout and make it just a little tougher! That way there is no need to find a babysitter while you work out.
  • Do you normally find time for TV, social media or web surfing throughout the day? If so, consider doing these activities while on a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical. If you don’t have any of that equipment, jog in place, jump rope, do sit-ups or use a fitness app to give you a workout to do while you watch TV.
  • While not always a popular option, you can always try waking up a little extra-early to grab some exercise time before you start your day.
  • Don’t have time for 30 – 60 minutes of exercise at a time? Try waking up 10 minutes earlier and getting 10 minutes of exercise in first thing in the morning, taking 10 minutes of your lunch break to break a sweat and then taking 10 minutes in the evening to exercise as well.

Proper time management is key in making sure you get your exercise in.  Most of you CAN make exercise happen at some point throughout the day, but it may take a little creativity. There are people that work full-time, go to school full-time, have families to take care of and still find time to work out. They manage their time very efficiently and often utilize creative techniques to make it happen. Think very hard about how you could make it happen. If you make exercise a priority, I’m confident that you can find the time for it.