Buddy System for Motivation

Karen Hampton (3)Post Submitted by: Karen Hamptonwalking program

So, you set out on a new fitness plan. You put yourself through surgery, buy healthy foods, new workout clothes, and plan to change your whole life. But then it happens… your motivation starts to dwindle. You can usually find some motivation in certain things periodically, such as leaving for vacation, being in a wedding, swimsuit season, graduation, etc. But to find a consistent motivation factor can be difficult. We ALL struggle with this. So, my suggestion is this: Find a buddy to hold you accountable and pick something to do together every month. There are so many different “30 Day Challenges” available to you on the web! Utilize that information and take turns choosing one to complete each month. Then, hold each other accountable to doing it. If you mix it up and pick something different each month, it will keep you from getting bored, and if you are ‘competing’ (so to speak) with a friend, then you will likely push yourself harder and keep on top of doing it. If you aren’t sure where to start with a plan, just Google: “30 day challenges”, and I promise you that you will find something fitting for both you and a friend. So, go out there, pick a partner and get to it! And have fun with it! 🙂