Protein Hot Tea

Step 1: Protein Water of your choice into a microwave-safe mug. Microwave on high until hot (about 2 minutes, but can vary by microwave).

Step 2: Add your favorite tea bag. Steep for about a minute before extracting the tea bag. (Or not, if you like really strong tea. The longer the steep, the stronger the tea).

Step 3: Add anything else you like – additional sweetener, fresh herbs like mint leaves.

Here are a few pairings you may like:

  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Peach herbal tea
  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Mint tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Chamomile tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Rooibos tea
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What do you do when you have the urge to comfort eat? Did you know that some teas can help soothe and comfort your nerves? Try drinking your tea mindfully, and it will help you to avoid emotional eating even more. Follow the Mindful Sip guidelines below…

S Sip slowly. Sit down. Get comfortable. Create a ritual (drink out of the same cup, same time each day, give yourself 5 quiet, uninterrupted minutes).

I Involve all of your senses. Sniff the aroma. Feel the heat on your hands. Watch the steam rising.

P Present when you drink. Be-in-the moment, truly listening to your body. Notice each sip.

Here are 3 teas that may help if you need to replace stress eating with a better alternative.

1) Valerian Tea. Tea with Valerian root is reputed to contain sedative properties. If you munch at night because you can’t sleep, have difficulty turning off your mind or struggle with anxiety, this tea may be helpful to you. Look for Sleeptime Tea with Valerian (note: not all Sleeptime versions have Valerian in it).

2) Chocolate Tea. Chocolate tea still gives you some of the benefits of dark chocolate (you have probably heard that dark chocolate has healthy nutrients in it). It’s important to set your expectations correctly. It doesn’t taste like cocoa. But, the chocolate aroma is comforting in itself! There are tons of flavors—I recommend Chocolate Chai Tea by Bigelow.

3) Cinnamon Tea. Cinnamon has been shown in clinical studies to help regulate blood sugar and is helpful for reducing the risk of Type II Diabetes. Basically, it helps cool down sugar cravings. Boil water, stick a cinnamon stick in it and a little non-caloric sweetener like stevia or splenda. Easy!

*check with your doctor to make sure these teas are okay for you. Remember that herbs can interact with medications and medical conditions).

*Use artificial sweeteners in place of  regular sugar or honey to save you some calories.

Enjoy life sip by sip, not gulp by gulp. -The Minister of Leaves, The Republic of Tea


Hot Lemon Tea

hot teaThis is a simple recipe for a hot tea that will keep you warm this winter!


  • 1 green tea bag
  • 1 cup hot water
  • 3 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp. Splenda (or other sweetener)
  • Cinnamon stick, if desired

Steep tea bag in boiling hot water for 4-5 minutes. Discard tea bag. Stir in lemon juice and vanilla extract. Slowly stir in Splenda, adjusting to your liking. Garnish with cinnamon stick if desired.

Recipe makes one serving.

Nutrition Information Per Serving: 26 Calories, 0 g Fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, 6 mg Sodium, 5 g Carbohydrate, 1 g Fiber, 2 g Sugar, 0 g Protein.

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