Protein Hot Tea

Step 1: Protein Water of your choice into a microwave-safe mug. Microwave on high until hot (about 2 minutes, but can vary by microwave).

Step 2: Add your favorite tea bag. Steep for about a minute before extracting the tea bag. (Or not, if you like really strong tea. The longer the steep, the stronger the tea).

Step 3: Add anything else you like – additional sweetener, fresh herbs like mint leaves.

Here are a few pairings you may like:

  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Peach herbal tea
  • Lemon Lift Protein Water + Mint tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Chamomile tea
  • Peach Power Protein Water + Rooibos tea
Adapted from

Surviving the Holidays: Tips to Make Holiday Traditions Healthier


  • Instead of butter, substitute equal parts cinnamon-flavored, no-sugar-added applesauce.

  • Instead of sugar, use a lower-calorie sugar substitute.

  • Instead of whole or heavy cream, substitute low-fat or skim milk.

  • Instead of using only white flour, use half white and half whole-wheat flour.

  • Instead of adding chocolate chips or candies, use dried fruit, like cranberries or cherries.

  • Use extracts like vanilla, almond and peppermint to add flavor, instead of sugar or butter.


  • Use vegetable oils such as olive oil instead of butter.

  • Use herbs and spices, like rosemary and cloves, to flavor dishes instead of butter and salt.

  • Use whole-grain breads and pastas instead of white.

  • Bake, grill or steam vegetables instead of frying.

  • Instead of whole milk or heavy cream, substitute low-fat or fat-free/skim milk.


  • Instead of alcohol in mixed drinks, use club soda.

  • Instead of adding sugar to mixed drinks, mix 100-percent juice with water or use freshly squeezed juice, like lime.

  • Instead of using heavy cream or whole milk in dairy-based drinks, use low-fat or skim milk.

  • Instead of using sugar to sweeten cider, use spices and fruit, like cinnamon, cloves and cranberries.

Click here to download the Holiday Healthy Eating Guide form American Heart Association.