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Gastric Sleeve (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric Sleeve surgery is essentially the newest weight loss surgery, and its popularity as a bariatric surgery for morbid obesity has expanded dramatically. The gastric sleeve is created by dissecting the outer part of the stomach, which is then stapled off and removed from the abdomen. About 75% of the stomach is removed and ultimately discarded. The stomach left behind remains unchanged, and is still connected to the esophagus and small intestine (duodenum); nothing is re-routed, as occurs in gastric bypass. The appearance of the remaining stomach has a bent, tubular shape that suggests the shape of a sleeve. The normal size of the stomach is about the size of a football, and the sleeve surgery creates a new stomach about the shape of a banana.

After gastric sleeve surgery, there simply is not room for too much food. Also, the removed part of the stomach, which is called the fundus, secretes a substance called Ghrelin. Ghrelin is the only substance in the human body that has ever been identified that causes hunger. When we remove the fundus of the stomach (as in gastric sleeve surgery), the Ghrelin level significantly decreases, and hunger also decreases.

A nice feature of the gastric sleeve is that we do not manipulate or re-route the small intestines, so 100% of potential complications related to that portion of gastric bypass are completely avoided. The gastric sleeve is technically much easier to perform compared to a gastric bypass. The easier a surgery is to perform, the less risks there are for that procedure.

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