PeriUmbilical Laparoscopic Surgery (PULS®)

Dr. Van Wagner has developed a revolutionary approach to weight loss surgery called PeriUmbilical Laparoscopic Surgery or PULS®. PULS® is a technique that allows Dr. Wagner to perform weight loss surgery through one incision in the naval as opposed to traditional laparoscopic weight loss surgery that requires 5 small incisions approximately 5 to 10mm in length.

To date, Dr. Van Wagner has performed more than 630 PeriUmbilical Laparoscopic Surgery or PULS® procedures. He prefers this technique because a single incision, as apposed to multiple incisions, can reduce a patient’s recovery time and post-operative scarring.

The PULS® incision is made in a semi-circle around the naval and is approximately two inches in length, which is required for the LAP-BAND® System or REALIZE® Band procedures. He then inserts the camera and surgical equipment through the two-inch incision and performs the entire operation through a video monitor.

Post-operatively, this small incision heals leaving the patient with an almost scarless appearance. Once the weight is lost, patients can now confidently show off their new bodies without any indication that surgery was ever performed.

Dr. Van Wagner is the only bariatric surgeon in St. Louis to offer this state of the art procedure. The PeriUmbilical Laparoscopic Surgery or PULS® technique can be used for gastric band or gastric sleeve procedures.

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