What is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a type of x-ray used to view your band, bypass or sleeve and Heart of America Bariatrics has the only office-based fluoroscopy equipment in the St. Louis area. Typically, you have to visit a hospital in order to have access to this type of x-ray. Having fluoroscopy in office makes your follow-up appointments very convenient.

Traditionally, band adjustments were performed blindly and a certain amount of fluid was added to the band based on your symptoms and stage after surgery. Sometimes this method works, but oftentimes you do not get the best adjustment using this method. It could easily be too tight, which is unpleasant and inconvenient for you because it would require that you come back and have some fluid removed. In order to give you the best adjustments and help you achieve optimal weight loss, Heart of America Bariatrics uses fluoroscopic guidance for all adjustments.

The equipment allows Dr. Wagner and his assistants to locate a patient’s gastric band port more quickly and typically leads to less pain during the adjustment. We are able to personalize your adjustment with the fluoroscopy guidance because we can see exactly how your band is working and adjust the band accordingly.

Fluoroscopy is not just for band adjustments. With each bariatric surgery, there can be complications such as bands that are too tight or loose, band slips, erosions, stretched esophagus or strictures. By using fluoroscopic guidance, Dr. Wagner is able to visualize the band, bypass, or sleeve, and address any potential problems as they arise.

Band patients can expect to have all of their adjustments performed under fluoroscopy, while bypass and sleeve patients can expect to have a fluoroscopic upper-GI one month and one year after surgery or at any point if Dr. Wagner deems it medically necessary.