Paying for Surgery

At this time, not all insurance companies cover all bariatric surgeries. This does not mean that you have to give up on having surgery. Paying for surgery yourself is actually more reasonable than you may think.


The average American spends hundreds of dollars each month on diet programs alone.  These are average monthly rates for some of the most popular diet plans:

  • NutriSystem= $300.00
  • Jenny Craig=$430.00
  • Weight Watchers=$43.00 (does not include the cost of food)
  • Seattle Sutton=$520.00
  • Medifast=$330.00

*Aside from these diet programs, an overweight individual can spend hundreds of dollars every month on prescription medications and other healthcare expenses related to their weight.*


That to finance your weight loss procedure can cost LESS than the average American spends on these programs each month?  With financing available for those who qualify, your bariatric surgery can cost as little as $385 a month!

To find out more about our financing options, please visit the following websites or contact our office at (314)776-7112.